30 Day Crash Course

The 30-Day Crash Course was launched in 2010 to meet the needs of trans feminine speakers who were just beginning the process of changing their voices.

After Nine Years the 30-Day Crash Course is Now Closed. 

The 30-Day Crash Course was an independent study program that provided the training background, concepts, elements and strategies over the course of 30 days. Members were provided with video instruction and worksheets in five distinct classes.

“I’m misgendered on the phone all the time. It’s SO frustrating!”

Does this sound familiar?  Can you relate?  I know, you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money perfecting your feminine image. But it’s the voice that reveals the essence of who you are–your thoughts, feelings and ideas.  And it’s the voice, when aligned with your true self, makes all the difference allowing you to navigate your day and your life in just your own way. So let me ask you this:

 Why Haven’t You Achieved the Feminine Voice You Want?

If you are still not where you thought you’d be after all this time and after all the hours of practice you’ve put into your voice, it’s because you are challenged in some way.  What you’re currently doing isn’t taking your voice to its next, best level.  You know deep in your heart that you can get there, but you aren’t there — yet!

 Don’t worry! I’ve got you!

ALL NEW web-based Learning Platform – EvaF.app –  provides both beginner and advanced level exercises, strategies and techniques.

Yearly Subscription

Only $108/year


Monthly rate ($13/month) option available. 


Voice Feminization Fundamentals

This 12-week beginner’s course is an independent study that rolls out over twelve weeks. It closely follows the EvaFmobile app lessons and exercises, although new exercises, homework assignments and a new video to accompany each of the 12 lessons is included.

Weekly Homework Assignments

There is nothing more important than daily practice. Each week, in addition to one of the 12-week courses, you’ll be provided with a simple transfer-of-learning assignment. You can work on your own for this assignment or with other gals in the program.

Monthly Ask-Me-Anything

Engage with Kathe, the other instructors and each other, in our monthly AMA sessions! These interactive experiences are live on a predetermined date and time and will also be posted on the membership site to watch later.

Course Benefits

  • Access to new learning content
  • Weekly articles and homework assignments
  • Voice Feminization Fundamentals 12-week beginner’s course with all new content
  • Monthly Ask-Me-Anything live webinars
  • Eva Community access where you can engage with each other and instructors
  • Discounts for special programs and events
  • Brainstorming, goal setting, and big-picture strategy sessions where you receive high-level information, strategies, and feedback
  • Videos, homework templates and worksheets and other downloadables such as the weekly articles
  • First-to-know information, news and announcements about EvaF events and new content

Kathe Perez is a speech-language pathologist and the founder and president of Exceptional Voice, Inc. Since 2000, Kathe’s clinical practice has mainly focused on caring for the voices of transgender people.  Kathe is the co-founder and co-developer and co-creator of Eva, the world’s first voice training mobile app for transgender people.

To learn more about Kathe and her products and services, please visit www.exceptionalvoice.com and www.exceptionalvoiceapp.com



Attention Affiliates:

We invite you to become an affliate (50% commission just like you received for the 30-Day Crash Course) for our new web-based learning platform, EvaF.app. Please contact us: info@voxpopllc.com